list of wrestling gimmicks If you happen to like any of them, comment below. Barry Windham. This time, we are taking a look at 15 of the most dangerous wrestling gimmick matches in the history of the business. AEW Astro City Avengers Batman Brent Anderson Bret Hart Chris Claremont Comics DC DC Comics DCEU Deadpool Disney Draft Drafts Dragon Ball Entertainment Rex featured fights Friday the 13th Geoff Johns Green Lantern Halloween Horror Image Image Comics Jason Voorhees JM DeMatteis Joss Whedon Jubilee Justice League Kitty Pryde Kurt Busiek Kyle Rayner list m8nga Manga Mark Waid Marvel MCU Movies New Mutants NXT Pop-Tarts Rick Remender Robert Kirkman Rob Liefeld Sailor Moon Spider-Man Superman SWO Gimmicks that are so stupid and don't really add anything to the wrestling world except embarrassment and wasted time. WCW pushed Rey Mysterio outside of the cruiserweight division for a short time in 1999. Such showmanship was unheard of for the time; and consequently, arena crowds grew in size as fans turned out to ridicule George. 3. We allow creative control over your own gimmick, but if someone can't think of one, or their gimmick blows so bad, we have a list of gimmicks they can use. Such showmanship was unheard of for the time; and consequently, arena crowds grew in size as fans turned out to ridicule George. For kicks. The wrestling gimmick is a cruel mistress. Gorgeous George ( the father of the gimmick) Cactus Jack It was not until the First Golden Age of Professional Wrestling in the United States during the 1940s–1950s, when Gorgeous George created pro wrestling's first major gimmick. Exaggerating the characteristics of a wrestler's (on occasion fabricated) origin is one of the most commonly exploited gimmicks, in Masked. PMS Usually when someone creates a top 25 list, they're pretty safe. Akeem. “I live, breath, sleep, and eat wrestling. Also is there a way to split your company into different brands? List of wrestling gimmicks ideas. WWE: Ranking the 40 Worst Gimmicks in History 1: Shockmaster. However, there was one that did. The Gimmick: For the most part, to work in the professional wrestling industry is not like being an actor on stage playing a character part, but more so being yourself with a gimmick that (hopefully) makes you readily identifiable and easy to remember. Post navigation Internet Wrestling Database. Think of it as a list of the various communities of Parts Unknown. If you mean racist stereotyping then any number of gimmicks could be put on a list and you would have to decide based on your own opinions. Military Gimmicks in Wrestling. For some reason, wrestling loves its Christmas gimmicks, even though you can't do a damn thing with them from January to November. History Talk (0) Category:Professional wrestling gimmicks Trending pages. The professional wrestling business has always been cashing in on the good versus evil aspect in their storylines, and sometimes the companies It’s Opening Day for high school wrestling in New Jersey, and since matches will be closed to the general public, we’ve decided to put together a convenient list of links to various live In fact, some of my favorite gimmicks in wrestling right now have a home on Wednesday nights on both AEW and NXT (AEW list coming later today). 12K 105 3. Wrestler-turned superhero “The Hurricane” was a solid favorite among wrestling fans, and still is today. Hosted by E_HUFFY and thepoorassgamer! Right here is the list of the RP Stips and Associated Matches. Black Bart. 7. Found exclusively at Buckle, Gimmicks adds a creative element to each closet. There have really been some terrible wrestling gimmicks over the years, but that's not to say that some of them weren't successful. In kayfabe terms, he offered enough money to buy the greatest wrestling talent, securing the services of Ken Patera, whose contract was “sold” by Bobby “the Brain” Heenan, as well as Jerry Blackwell. Pro wrestling history is full of megastars whose gimmicks didn't extend beyond the old 'your own personality turned up to 11' cliche. And don’t worry if you can’t see the match you want down there, we can always think of new stips and add to the list as time goes on. Check out my top 20 worst wrestling gimmicks of all-time. Wrestling has changed a fair bit over the years but one thing that hasn't changed is that a useless wrestler can be turned into a superstar if he has a great gimmick. Chris Jericho is the master of the gimmick. Th Wrestling has had a plethora of horror themed characters and FanSided is here to break down the top 30. Blackjack Lanza. m. Hulk Hogan. See the case of The Undertaker. Nobody can contest that. A wrestling event where a company's biggest draws wrestle. Mysterio developed the moniker of “The Giant Killer” when defeating Kevin Nash, Scott Norton and Bam Bam Bigelow. A wrestling urban legend claimed Internet Wrestling Database. Compare B-show and C-show. With an illustrious 30 year career, The Undertaker had to mix it up a bit to stay at the forefront of the WWE Universe's minds. Bart Gunn. dWb Superstar. Which of the following gimmicks has John Bradshaw Layfield NOT had? John Bradshaw. The Godfather - I know he was a fan favorite, but come on, there will always be one and only pimp in wrestling lore, and that is Slick. The gimmick era may be over, but there's no harm in coming up with your own unique pro-wrestling nickname! Which generation do you belong to? Greatest Generation (before 1946) Baby Boomer (1946-1964) Generation X (1965-1984) Millennial (1982-2004) Generation Alpha (2005 till now) 10. For every Stone Cold Steve Austin that becomes a huge star, there’s a million Fandangos and Ascensions clogging up the midcard, trying to figure out their However, Argentina’s El Momia makes this list as a weird professional wrestling gimmick not just because he was a mummy. Perfect, Mankind: The 25 Best WWE Gimmicks of All Time #1: The Undertaker #2: The Million Dollar Man 24 of 25 The Million Dollar Man’s gimmick was simple, but a classic. It depends on your definition of racist. Supernatural. Of course, it was less about the gimmick, and more about the man behind the character. Bobby Duncum Sr. Ted DiBiase was richer #3: Mr. 5. 12K 105 3. Some gimmicks though, stand the test of time… Honorable mention. It kind of goes without saying that just about every wrestling promotion in existence, not just the WWE, has had some poor brother be saddled with a questionably, if not outright racially insensitive/offensive gimmick, or be on the receiving end of racist abuse, either for the audience's amusement, or (arguably worse) part of a story. Apparently, he stole presents from good little children, so if you're ever wondering who these heartless monsters are who swipe from Toys For Tots, here's Suspect #1. The examples come solely from the WWE (nee WWF) and WCW in the late 1980s and 1990s. Examples of Gimmick and Style championships include: WWE Hardcore Championship; WCW World Television Championship; ECW World Television Championship; ROH Pure Championship; TNA X Division Championship; NWA World Television Championship; Tag team championships. Worst Wrestling Gimmicks 28 items ranked. She’s looking to build her own brand and gain a lot of value with it, like an AJ Styles, so that way she can be the "Galaxy’s Greatest Alien" and be able to Whether it’s used as the theme of a pay-per-view (Money In The Bank, Hell In A Cell, TLC etc), to rekindle a feud or to end an ongoing rivalry, gimmick matches are one of the many things that make pro-wrestling great. . Here is a list of my top 5 gimmick matches: 5. Wrestling is just what you did to blow off steam. And you would be correct. Even though the man portraying the character wasn't a big fan of the gimmick - according to his worked shoot 5. A college student face who fights to keep his job in WWE to help pay for his tuition, while he's still enrolled in school. Top 10 best wrestling gimmicks of all time A look at some of the greatest gimmicks in the history of professional wrestling. It was not until the First Golden Age of Professional Wrestling in the United States during the 1940s–1950s, when Gorgeous George created pro wrestling's first major gimmick. Never before had the business been exposed in such a fashion in front of a crowd of fans. From Lionheart to The Man Of 1004 Holds, from Y2J to AEW's Le Champion - this is the Chris Jericho Gimmicks Tier List. 30. Hell in a Cell We took a poll of professors and expert critics residing in Canada have reviewed several if not all of the gimmicks involved in Ontario’s independent performance arts scene and have made a list including all the acts that are prohibited from using their current character personality as it may be offensive in the act of racist, sexist, homophobia, transphobia, Islamaphobia, or any other Al-Kaissie’s gimmick was a sort of an Arab Million Dollar Man. Because wrestling is fake. A gimmick can make or break a wrestler. This is a list of the worst wrestling gimmicks of all time. 8. With that in mind, wrestling promotions have also allowed some terrible gimmicks to slip through the cracks, that either made fans burst out in laughter or shake their heads in disappointment. There is a difference between a gimmick and a character, Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan where great characters but there appearance was pretty much as they would appear anyway. THE 10 WORST GIMMICKS IN WWE HISTORY 1. Perfect 23 of 25 It’s better to be perfect than a rooster. The Shockmasters: 14 regrettable wrestling gimmicks and the stars behind them. Doink and Dink - Enough said. 10 Abandoned Wrestling Gimmicks That Would Have Been Awesome. Hulk Hogan – the iconic symbol of wrestling, the star of VH1’s reality show “Hogan Knows Best” and the guy who tossed Stallone from the ring much like a monkey flinging its feces into a crowd of idiots. Though haunted by ghosts, The Gimmicks is brilliantly, boisterously alive. It’s in my blood. . He said he wants to eventually see every single one of these gimmicks on indie shows. Encore. 3. Blackjack Bradshaw. With an entrance and attire nearly identical to Undertaker, but with a face like – as Dustin put it – “Uncle Fester,” this gimmick died just one moment after it was born, in fear of people misinterpreting the character. Many lists cover SOME of these gimmicks, but this is the most complete list of THE WORST Professional Wrestling Gimmicks on the entire Internet. PT. Gimmicks is a collection of detailed fashion pieces designed for those who draw inspiration from various elements to create one's own independent style. Sometimes, bad gimmicks take off because of the personalities behind them. The 10 Most Questionable (and Hilarious) Race Gimmicks in Pro Wrestling History Posted on April 11, 2011 by scorpiondeathblog Wrestlers have always been caricatures, and race caricatures have been a big part of that. Even worse is the fact that this stable consisted of some of the best wrestlers from Japan at the time, including Taka Michinoku, Togo and Funaki, all being saddled with a terrible, racist gimmick. Scotty Flamingo is Scott being the best(or most annoying) womanizing party boy he can be. This is a list of notable professional wrestling tag teams and stables from throughout the history of professional wrestling. Below is an excerpt from the essay Jonah penned for his application to our school. re: Favorite all time wrestling gimmick Posted by Abadeebadaba on 5/3/17 at 6:32 pm to goldennugget Angle or Mysterio ETA: Matt Hardy Version 1. Managing Editor Nick Hausman. While wrestling involves lots of spandex, the superhero wrestling gimmick does not always hit it off with wrestling fans. Billy Gunn. The bell sounds and instead of putting his bat aside he winds up and hits a home-run on his opponent. In professional wrestling, a gimmick generally refers to a wrestler's in-ring persona, character, behaviour, attire and/or other distinguishing traits while performing which are usually artificially created in order to draw fan interest. Midview: 106: Alex Green (Elyria) first place, John Foye (Avon) second place, Ryan Trowbridge (Amherst) third place, Jake Dzik (Avon Lake) fourth place; 113: Colin Noel (Elyria) first place Beauties - (1983) Organized Oil & Mud Wrestling - The Girls Have Gimmicks Like Wrestlers! Topics oil wrestling, mud wrestling, female wrestling, pro wrestling, wrestling. For every good wrestling gimmick, there are ten other that are so bad that they make you slap yourself in the face in disbelief. National Wrestling HOF Presents 12 Days of Christmas David Buckler | December 14, 2018. That's why the history of the sport is a never-ending list of increasingly ridiculous (and dangerous) gimmick matches. Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw. If you don't know who The Shockmaster is, then you need to brush up on your wrestling history. In recent years, the emphasis has been on more realistic gimmicks which portray the wrestler as an actual person, albeit with exaggerated personality traits, as opposed to previous years during which In terms of wrestling gimmicks, Dustin Runnels as Goldust is one of the most successful of all-time, with the character still going strong in the WWE to this very day. The 9 Most Unintentionally Depressing Pro Wrestling Gimmicks 9 Oz. Seven WWE Network. Some teams or stables were active across several time periods, and if so, they are listed by when they were formed only. This is a list of professional wrestlers, managers and other workers that were employed in World Wrestling Entertainment from: 1952–1963 (as the Capitol Wrestling Corporation) 1963–1979 (as the World Wide Wrestling Federation) 1979–2002 (as the World Wrestling Federation) 2002–2011 (as World Wrestling Entertainment) 2011-present (as WWE) Jonah loved professional wrestling and in closing we wanted to leave you with his words. 56 likes · 2 talking about this. Throughout the sport’s history This list showcases gimmick infringement at its finest, and folks, you’ll be shocked to know that some of your favorite superstars are on this list as well! 15 Booker T / The Rock Booker T is a certified WWE Hall Of Famer and a legend in his own right. People say he's a good wrestler, but I say he's a ripoff of the Dynamite Kid. On a recent episode of The Wrestling Inc. Edit. 2. TYPE: Heel (possible face) LEVEL: Lower Wrestling gimmicks are tricky things. Wow, who thought this was a good idea? Rated 0 points - posted 12 years ago by pxc0 in category Sports. For 30 years he's been reinventing himself and as of 2020 - it doesn't like he has any plans on slowing down. This brings me to the gimmicks of old and how creative wrestling truly was and can still be. The Gambler (Real Name: Jeff Gamble) is best known for his run as an enhancement talent in World Championship Wrestling from 1993 to 1999. Glacier – While we’re still at WCW, here’s one of my legitimate favorites on this list. 6, 2015, 7:00 p. In some cases wrestling fans agree! This hilarious book highlights, or lowlights, the most absurd characters (gimmicks) and storylines (angles) in professional wrestling. The results were hilariously cheesy even by wrestling standards. Bookmark the permalink. Displaying items 1 to 100 of total 48307 items that match the search The 10 Worst and 10 Best Wrestling Gimmicks Ever. Mordecai talked about sinners while sporting a white robe and bleached hair, and he was meant to counter Taker's darkness, but what we got instead was a sad ripoff of the Example: Bobby Heenan Requirements: Disposition must be Heel or Tweener Gimmick: The Ryland Effect Description: This worker acts like EWR creator Adam Ryland - a clueless loser with good one-liners who always ends up on top somehow :-) Example: Adam Ryland Requirements: Gender must be Male Disposition must be Face or Tweener Charisma must be 80 or higher Gimmick: Thief Description: This worker is a thief, stealing other worker's property Example: Repo Man Requirements: Disposition must be We botched this! Your favorites are probably missing from this completely random horror gimmick list lol This was supposed to be a massive list of most horro EJ Moreno looks at the best horror-themed pro wrestling gimmicks… Horror and wrestling are a match made in heaven, or I guess hell for the sake of this article. For months leading up to the 1990 Survivor Series, a mysterious egg had been on display, and was 3: KISS Top 20 Most Racist Gimmicks in Wrestling History 20 Chief Jay Strongbow. During his time in Championship Wrestling From Florida, 1982 – 1987, Kevin Sullivan’s “Prince of Darkness” gimmick was born, he would begin associating with notable acts as “Maniac” Mark Lewin (Purple Haze), Mike Davis, Bob Roop, The Lock and Luna Vachon forming the Army of Darkness. The nature and plausibility of gimmicks vary widely. Common gimmicks. Abort To suddenly discontinue a feud, angle, or gimmick due to a lack of fan interest or some other caveat (like injury), usually without explanation. TIER LIST: Chris Jericho Gimmicks. 9. If you missed the other, there is a link provided below. 10 Abandoned Wrestling Gimmicks That Would Have Been Awesome. Bradshaw. The Road Warriors, The Ultimate Warrior, Kane, The Missing Link, Hulk Hogan, Yokozuna, the Original Sheik. However, Konnan’s run in WWF Ten Gimmicks: 3. Considering that he was often placed in the heavy shadow of his legendary father, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes , Dustin used Goldust to brilliantly step out on his own and become a true star in the wrestling world. There are quite a few similar lists out there, but not a single one anywhere near as accurate as this one. By Matthew Wilkinson November 4, 2016 6:34 PM. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Caution: This pasta may contain mustache hair from 1985. Professional wrestling is all about gimmicks and characters, and here are the 20 best of them today, featuring the Velveteen Dream and Rosemary. All of our thoughts are with Jonah’s family and friends as they go through this incredibly difficult time. The Million Dollar Man, The Nature Boy. 5 Glenn Jacobs – Doomsday, Unabomb, boring mc boring etc, and any other go nowhere gimmicks that Chuck Taylor's long list of terrible made up wrestling names Chuck Taylor was on the most recent Art of Wrestling podcast and literally just named off a ton of insane wrestling names he came up with. 4. While he came up with the idea, he said Jericho was the guy behind the theatrics of it. Here in UGWC if you take place in a ‘gimmick’ match at a PPV it’s going to have one of these stipulations attached to it. A wrestling zombie (think about it, I mean, that IS the gimmick) became the calling card and stalwart of the WWF (now WWE, of course) for well over a decade. Top Rope List: 10 Best Gimmick Match Stipulations in Wrestling Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Extreme Rules is coming up next week and this is the pay-per-view where many of the matches are given stipulations to them. He won his only World Championship with this gimmick, which also comes with a killer entrance as Earlier I published my list of NXT's best gimmicks in 2020, but now it is time to talk about AEW!The relative newcomer to pro wrestling is no stranger to interesting gimmicks and characters, and Fans of wrestling have been able to watch some incredible characters come alive in the ring over these past decades. 1-2-3 Kid - Again, the mullet rule. Get ready for some of the A list of 40 ridiculous, funny, outdated, and crazy gimmick wrestling matches from around the world. Folks overlook that this was meant to be rather uncomfortable. From The Shockmaster to Repo Man, look back on the many lows of wrestling. The Gimmicks crosses continents and decades to tell a remarkable story of historical trauma, friendship, and the moral combat of professional wrestling. In the world of professional wrestling, gimmicks have been used since it's inception to create a larger than life atmosphere and to build wrestlers from normal human beings See full list on ewrestling. Ross and Sam are here to decide which of Undertaker's gimmicks are the best and which need to get in the bin! From the Western Undertaker to Biker Taker, from The Lord Of Darkness to The Unholy Trinity - This is the Undertaker Gimmicks Tier List. Welcome to the Gimmick Garage, where Crave Cravak stores his original wrestler gimmick ideas. Games and Gimmicks. Blackjack Mulligan. The List of Jericho is another example of Jacobs’s ideas on co-collaboration. Related to origin. Includes WWE, WCW, TNA, Japan and more. Sports. Pages in category "Professional wrestling gimmicks" The following 22 pages are in this category, out of 22 total. Of course it's hard to gauge anything on the internet, as vocal minorities can skew perception (and, hey, not everyone thinks … . BUT IT'S STILL REAL TO ME, DAMN IT!! Seriously, there is nothing better in wrestling than when you can completely buy into In professional wrestling, a gimmick is a wrestler's personality, behavior, attire and/or other distinguishing traits while performing. What was the gimmick that Booker T had in WCW, where he was supposedly a member of the military along with Chavo Guerrero and Hugh Morrus? Corporal Kirschner. Superheroes, supervillains and other comic characters. The ECW Zombie. If you’ve watched enough of the WWE Network, chances are you’ve seen this guy come up in pretty much any conversation about bad gimmicks. The wrestling gimmick. Most likely, they were more than able to cover all their bases; but not when it comes to bad wrestling gimmicks. A "gimmick" is a character portrayed in the ring by the real male or female wrestler. Mr. A lot of Native American wrestlers have had to handle Indian clichés and stereotypes over the 19 Virgil. A-team A group of a wrestling promotion's top stars who wrestle at an A-show. 4. com Even with its crazy costumes and ludicrous storylines, pro wrestling would be boring as shit if every story was settled in a standard "two guys, three ropes, four corners, and a Foot Locker employee" matchup. A non-wrestling heel who scouts all wrestlers, knows their weaknesses, and trades that information to heels willing to do a favors for him. fandom. It can create overnight sensations in some talent while burying others so deep the chance of recovery is impossible. George Gray started wrestling in 1977 at the age of 17, and one of his original gimmicks was that of a Chicago-born street fighter named the One Man Gang. The Shockmaster – every wrestling fan will have heard of this guy, so what better way to round off this list. " (Anthony Marra, author of NBCC John Leonard Prize-winning, New York Times bestselling A Constellation of Vital Phenomena) 26 votes, 60 comments. All Rounder (A fighting style that utilizes various aspects of multiple other styles) Brawler (A fighting style that utilizes dangerous moves, such as strong Professional wrestling gimmicks. 695. I have compiled a list of what I personally thought were the greatest gimmicks in wrestling history. This entry was posted in Top Five and tagged Best gimmicks in wrestling, Doink, ECW, Goldust, Kane, Mankind, Million Dollar Man, Mr Perfect, Raven, Sting, The Brood, The Honky Tonk Man, The Undertaker, TNA, Top Five Gimmicks in Wrestling, Waylon Mercy, WCW, WWE. It turns out the WWE's ineptness for developing gimmicks goes both ways, as they occasionally let a The 26 Worst Wrestling Gimmicks of All Time. So it made sense that he would have his 18 Tiger Gimmick combo guide? does anyone know if theres a list of the gimick combinations and which ones are the best. The best part about professional wrestling is how it marries fantasy with gritty reality; smoke machines with 8 Hornswoggle. Post Jun 10, 2019 #1 2019-06-10T22:19. Statlander must really be counting on this self-made gimmick of hers to take her places, otherwise, she wouldn’t mind if she gave it up to join the top wrestling promotion right now. MAX MOON Before making a name for himself in WCW, Konnan pulled on the mask of Max Moon. From Japan to Mexico to WWE to the American independents, no wrestling company is complete without a few characters straight out of the animal kingdom. The National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum will celebrate the 2019 George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame induction ceremony with the 12 days of Christmas. Erick Von Erich. There're so many Home » Lana » List Of Possible Gimmick Matches For WWE NXT Halloween Havoc List Of Possible Gimmick Matches For WWE NXT Halloween Havoc by Felix Upton on October 15, 2020 at 11:13 am Though this gimmick was insane enough, the willingness of both wrestlers to sell the match, and their bodies, by spilling blood on the ground made it one of the most violent matches in the history As a verified contributor, my first creation on this site is Gimmick Wrestling Hometowns. FRIAR FERGUSON 2. Games and Gimmicks, the podcast discussing Video Games, Professional Wrestling, and everything in between. More support for in-ring storytelling, from revised Match Stipulations to visual play aids to more focused deep dives into wrestling psychology and how to bring that into your games. LaToya Ferguson , Matt Gerardi , Josh Modell , Randall Colburn , Dan Caffrey , and Joe Keiser. Wrestling Gimmicks of the 1980s and 1990s 10 questions Difficult , 10 Qns, ZootandJanis, Jan 18 04 This quiz covers gimmicks not only from the WWF and NWA/WCW, but some of the smaller promotions of the time. Category page. He was one of the very few enhancement talents, who actually had a gimmick, as he portrayed a Las Vegas cardsharper. Looking For Alumni of Superstars? Looking For GTS Tag Teams & Stables? Looking For List of Gimmicks used by the GTS Roster? Looking For Pay Per View List? Looking For GTS? There are several different fighting styles used by GTS Wrestlers. Of course, you can't have a company without good wrestlers. This here's Xanta Klaus, the Bizarro to Santa's Superman. If you have the talent, the confidence and the luck, a good When it comes to pro wrestling, The Undertaker is one of the greatest characters ever created, and in 2004, the WWE tried to introduce someone to go toe-to-toe with him. com. As is the case across all of social media, WWE Twitter tends to jump the gun on its judgment of Hi all! Here is a continuation from my previous piece, as I didn’t want to try and cram 55 different gimmick matches in to one sitting. Fred Ottman was known as Tugboat and Typhoon in his WWF days, and whilst those TIER LIST: Undertaker's Gimmicks. And looking back on 2016, there was no shortage of great characters that helped elevate their respective products to the next level. Bob Orton Sr. Compare B-team. Displaying items 1 to 100 of total 2982 items that match the search parameters. The set of 15 core Gimmicks consolidates the most popular and interesting playbooks released for the first edition into one diverse roster of wrestling archetypes. 0 This post was edited on 5/3 at 6:36 pm From fitness gimmicks, to vampires, to religious zealots, to oppressed “minorities”, the audience of the world’s biggest wrestling promotion have had to sit through some godawful promos by So this guy has the Trifecta of crappy gimmicks. He was billed as a tough guy, and was a former UWF Heavyweight Champion under that persona. Picture a bulging baseball player entering the ring. An augmentation of one's personality, turning average Joes in colorful superstars, and colorful superstars into era-defining idols. Most of these gimmicks 'shockingly' don't last long, even further questioning why they were given a green light in the first place. Whether it's big cats, ferocious dogs, birds, bulls, or bees, the wrestling world is rife with animal-based gimmicks. re: Favorite all time wrestling gimmick Posted by GO TIGERS GO on 5/4/17 at 3:00 am to goldennugget Mid South days when they would challenge each other to an arm wrestling match on a card table in the center of the ring. NEXT>. What's your Wrestling Gimmick? Title @Solidus_Nate: 378 people diagnosed 0 Wrestling Tweets Result patterns 16: Enter your name for diagnosis Top 5 'Superhero' gimmicks in professional wrestling. Erick Von Erich. The infamous Curtain Call at Madison Square Garden performed by Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash sent shockwaves throughout the professional wrestling industry. The gimmick was widley hated by fans, making Hassan and tag team partner Khosrow Daivari effective villains for guys such as Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, John Cena and Batista to defeat. Doink the Clown (Character) Now and forever, great gimmicks help make great pro wrestling. Ace Nevertheless, Finn Balor owns one of the most intriguing gimmicks in WWE history - The Demon King. WWE would repeat a similarly embarrassing racist stereotype gimmick in the Ruthless Aggression era with a stable called the Mexicools. BATTLE CAT Even in 1990, a man in orange and purple spandex wearing a mask with cat ears was not what people wanted 3. One of the most infamous characters in WWE history but not in a good way. He makes the list because he was a babyface mummy, a heroic monster of sorts. Sadie Gennis Feb. My friend and I are planning on starting our own wrestling company in our area. What do 2: Gobbledy Gooker. Critics of professional wrestling might categorize all pro-wrestling Wrestlecrap. Daily podcast, former WWE Women’s Champion and Impact Knockouts Champion Lisa Marie Varon was on to chat with Wrestling Inc. His heel character focused on his looks and quickly antagonized the fans with his exaggerated effeminate behavior. 1/13/16 12:00AM. Gimmicks: A List Of The Most Successful Characters In Wrestling As defined by Websters, a gimmick is a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or business. His heel character focused on his looks and quickly antagonized the fans with his exaggerated effeminate behavior. The early returns of a possible vampire gimmick are not promising in the court of public opinion. For anyone who thought that ludicrous wrestling gimmicks were purely a product of the innocent, 13 Giant killer (Rey Mysterio) via: tumblr. Bobby Duncum Jr. list of wrestling gimmicks